Note from Mrs.Ritz-August

Note from Mrs. Ritz-August (aka Jennifer Peebles)

Welcome to the pages of Ritz-August Style!

My passion.  My dreams.  My escape.

Perception is what drives me, and though the labor and details are important, I get my high from the finished product……The aesthetics of Life!

From being a young trick-or-treater who was more interested in peeking into people’s homes to see their decor & furniture, to now sitting at dinner having trouble focusing on conversation because the unique wallpaper is fighting for my attention.

I am not an interior designer, but a passionate home stylist.  From the interior to the exterior. I appreciate and respect all decor styles. I find inspiration in all different types of decorating.  My innovation can easily come from the ceilings in a small boutique hotel to watching reality tv, but most comes from my fascination with brilliant interior designers.

There is so much I see and love, and of course the finer things, but champagne taste … soda pop budget.

My hope is to share my home fashion story (likes and dislikes) while inspiring all to take it to the next level. I want to make the best of this life The Lord blessed us with.

My personal style:
Classic. Sophisticated. Seductive.
-With Modern, Masculine Influence-

Black is my 1st love … I try to break away, but it always comes back reminding me of its prerequisite status. Luxurious velvet fabric makes me feel accomplished and sophisticated. Leather just states that I am sexy bada** boss.

My Rules In Home Fashion:
1. Reflect yourself!

2. State your story!

3. Pour yourself a drink!


Jennifer Peebles


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