Music Monday: Throwback Jams While You Organize

Music Monday!

If you are like me, you took these past ice days as a sign from the good LORD that you should rock your pj’s all day, relax, catch up on all reality TV, divulge in as much unhealthy food as possible, and completely not think there is a better thing you should be doing.  But, if you aren’t like me and actually took advantage of being cooped up inside by cleaning, organizing, catching up on emails……well, I commend you and am planning on that for our next ice storm ;).  Ok, you know I am kidding.  If I did that, what would I panic about? Because now that I didn’t do a thing during “my” weather days, I am a little behind …. Story or my life.  However, I like to say that “I work well under pressure.”

Anyhow, I have to admit as much time as I did relax I was a bit restless and bored.  I found myself digging through old files, looking at old pics, moving things around, and noticing all the things I really needed to get done around the house.  First, organize re-organize the pantry.  Literally take out everything and start over.  Second, my laundry room, aka dog quarters central, is need of some TLC.  I am a bit neurotic about things being in their place, and unfortunately, that is the room I tend to just shut the door and forget.  I know the shame :(.  Fourth, the bar/serving area in our home needs organization and an update.  And, finally ALL the closets in the house.  There are so many things to get rid of by trashing or donating.  Clutter is NOT your friend.

While we are getting our homes “Spring” ready lets challenge ourselves to set time aside and do some SPRING CLEANING & ORGANIZATION! And to motivate you, here are some tunes (from some of my favorite girls) for you  – reminisce while your work!

Nelly Furtado


Gwen Stefani

J Lo


I would love to hear any tips you have about your personal organization, and  please share any pics you have.

Here are some motivational pics for you, too:

mm organization serving bar McGill Design Group

McGill Design

mm organization serving area Ashley Whittaker Design

Ashley Whittaker Design

mm pantry Neat Method

Neat Method

mm pantry transform home

Transform Home

mm laundry organization Nance Construction

Nance Construction

mm laundry orgainzation BHG


mm laundry orgainzation Heather Garrett Design

Heather Garrett Design

mm closet organization women Organized Living

Organized Living

mm closet organization man Bakes and Company

Bakes and Company

Hope you Enjoyed!

Now get organizing!! :),



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