Friday Favorite Finds : Spring Fever Dreaming

Spring Fever Dreaming : Living Room
It is FRIDAY!  Bring on the weekend baby!
Too bad this CRAY-ZAY Texas weather is going to keep a lot of us indoors.
 Good thing is we can cure our cabin fever by dreaming of spring with a fun cocktail in hand, rethinking our decor for the new season, and online shopping.  Hmmm….Maybe this isn’t so bad. 😉
During this unacceptable “winter apocalypse” (we’re so dramatic in Texas), I was inspired to create a design board with furniture pieces I already have in my living room.  I needed a visual to show what spring colors would work well in my area.  Dark colors usually are the front-runners in my designs, and I am not a girly-girl – so much so that it’s not very easy for me to add shades of pinks or pastels in any of my rooms. HOWEVER, this is 2015 and we should all be stepping out of our comfort zones, right?  I am feeling good that these blooming seasonal colors I chose for throw pillows are enough to bring in the brightness, yet still work will with the black that anchors the room.  I am in love with the chartreuse zebra throws!  Chartreuse is such a cool color for spring, and the fun pattern plays well with my other animal print pillow, “the famous leopard”.  I prefer the look of a generously feather-filled pillow, rather than a stiff cotton pillow because they are very forgiving after being used.  And, of course, the room would not  be complete without fresh, spring flowers, conspicuously arranged throughout.
People, I just solved all your problemos for this next season (you’re welcome!-hehe)……just by adding new vibrant pillows and updating floral arrangements your casa will be ready for spring (and cocktails).
1. Pillows  (3-4)
2. Floral arrangements
are a MUST and you could be done after that, but lets keep going.
Let’s add 3 more things:
3. Fresh Floral Candle Scents 
4. Throws
5. Picture Frames
In the spring,  the aroma in your home CAN NOT be reminiscent of any spice, cinnamon stick, or Christmas tree scent, etc! Not acceptable!  You have to swap out those outdated, seasonal candles for new refreshing floral scents that reflect the current season.  And, speaking of swapping out things, your throws should be rotated.  That red or dark brown throw blanket you’ve been curling up with and watching Netflix is ready for a good washing and storage; bring in a bright, fresh throw that will keep you warm on cool evenings.  Picture frames are such an easy decor piece to arrange.  By rearranging your frames to compliment your new cheerful space you change-up your decor that much more.  This is also a great opportunity to update your frames and switch out photos with more recent ones.
Ok, now you have the perfect must-haves to transition your home into a fresh spring fling.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Side Note:
I am not one who spend lots of money on seasonal or trendy items, so
I did some looking around for you and found some great deals that won’t kill your budget – leaving you plenty of funds for cocktails.
I mentioned that I prefer feather-filled pillows, but they can be costly.  A great alternative is IKEA’s duck feather pillows that are only $9.99.  (You can double up on the insert cushion to get that packed fill if you want.)
Also found at IKEA, these inexpensive pillow covers come in spring colors from $7-$10.  They are great to use if you have kids or messy adults ;).  If they get dirty,  they were not a huge investment and you can pop them in the wash.
ff sanela-cushion-cover-turquoise__0326903_PE518136_S4 ff sanela-cushion-cover-pink__0244047_PE383324_S4
ff sanela-cushion-cover-turquoise__0152105_PE310399_S4
Kirkland’s also has a great selection of throw pillows.  And look at this MUST-have pillow for only $14.39.  It isn’t feather-filled, but the pattern and color more than makes up for it.
ff 137281 (1)
This blue guy here is only $15.99.  It is small and busy enough that you would only need one to compliment your other fun spring colors in the room.
ff spicevaleriepillow
I love fresh flowers, but unfortunately they do die and must be replaced :(.  I tend to use hydrangeas the most, mainly because they are economical.  They are typically so full that you only need to use one per vase to get that “arrangement” look.  Many local grocery stores will sale them as a bundle, 3 for$10.
ff hydrangea
If you aren’t up to buying fresh flowers weekly, this little Peony from Target is the perfect size and price, only $6.99…..and it never dies!
ff target fauxflower
No matter what season, candles are always a MUST!  Voluspa’s Yuzu Rose Stonecrop candle has the perfect combination of lavender, rose, strawberry and yuzu to emit a pleasant floral scent. For being a luxury candle it has a great price of only $18.00.
ff vs16
This is just another way for you to bring in more spring colors.  World Market has these throws on SALE for only $13.48.  The material is light enough for use in the warmer temps and on-trend with colors and patterns so that they are easily worked into your spring decor.
*_481918_CHEVRON_THRW-BL_SURF-WHITE_ver1 ff throw
Why spend money when you don’t have to? Look around your home and switch out the frames from one room to another.  If you are wanting to update your frames, I ALWAYS find the best priced quality frames at TJMAXX or Marshalls.
There you have it ….The 5 MUST-HAVES under $100 to achieve your living room’s pre-spring transformation.
Dreaming of Spring,
Did I mention cocktails should come along with Spring decor? 😉
With all the money you are going to save, why not reward yourself?
Here is a recipe to inspire your spring decor brainstorming.
Try it out and let me know what you think!
“Mom’s Spring Fling”
ff spring fling
Fresh Lemonade
Ginger Ale
Lemons to Garnish 
I don’t measure…..It depends on the day.  The consistency of vodka to lemonade could change ;).
I fill one of my stemless wine glasses with ice, pour about a 1/4 of the glass with vodka, then add the lemonade leaving a enough room, about an inch, to top your drink off with ginger ale.  Finally, add your lemon garnish to make your drink pretty and enjoy!
Cheers to Spring being around the corner ;).

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