Sense of Scents

Hey Love Birds,

Happy Saturday! & Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know you are preparing for a romantic evening with your love, but did you think about doing something while your loved one gets ready?

In addition to playing easy music & glass of wine, light sensual scented candles in the bathroom, bedroom and living room.  This way, as your honey gets ready, their senses will become intoxicated by the sensual scent.  Not only will this set the mood for the night, but your home will capture an amazing smell.

Two of my favorite evening scents that are so seductive (perfect for Valentine’s Day): Michael Kors & Tom Ford Black Orchid.  Michael Kors signature perfume is a soft, sensual scent that lures and attracts attention, while Tom Ford Black Orchid adds drama by giving off a spicy floral aroma.  When you use them together, it’s magic!  But wait – these aren’t candles :(.  Don’t worry I found the perfect candles to mimic these scents.

mk tf

Tom Ford Black Orchid / Michael Kors Signature Scent

Diptyque’s Tubereuse & Target’s Black Orchid & Amber Candle are the answer! (Yes, I said Target – oh yeah!) Burn these two candles together and let the magic happen ;).  You can purchase diptyque candles at most high-end department stores.  These scents combined will set the mood for your special Valentine’s evening.

tub black orchid

diptyque Tubereuse / Target Black Orchid & Amber

Wishing you and your love a very special day to remember how lucky we all are to have someone to love!




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