Friday Favorite Finds: Amor y Besos Under your Roof

With Valentine’s Day next week we are all starting to think of our amores (loves).

We are starting to wonder whether or not we should make dinner reservations.  Should we just stay in and enjoy some R&R with our person? Or, maybe do a little bit both?  And, who is planning your evening?  You?  Your honey?

Here are the 5 essentials to show your Amor how much you love them and is sure to get you a couple of besos ;).

1. Sweet & Thoughtful Gift

FF valentine IBB Loves local

      IBB Design in Frisco, Tx ,  is hosting a an amazing event, “Loves Local”!         A  One-Stop-Shop for you to pick up something special for your loved one.  You won’t want to miss this!

                                 You can pick up 3 of the 5 essentials  there.                                Flowers. Sweets. Gifts.

And, these are not your typical, ordinary flowers, sweets or gifts.   They are the most on-trend flower arrangements, the most decadent sweets, and so many one-of-kind, unique gifts.

                      **10% of proceeds will be donated to Dwell with Dignity**                Shop & Give back!

Get all the information here.

2. Flowers

FF valentine flowers

Do you want to surprise your Valentine with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers?

Posh Floral in Dallas, Tx is the answer! This has to be the hippest, most chic, and…well, “posh” florist in the metroplex.  Your Valentine will be speechless over the beauty and uniqueness of their floral design.

Posh Floral will be  set up at IBB Design’s “Loves Local” event that I mentioned above.  Pre-order now and your bouquet will be ready for on-site pick up the day of the event.  If you can’t make the event, click here for more details.

3. Chocolates

FF valentine chocolate

Kate Weiser Chocolate!

Enough said.

This is a new year, so why wouldn’t we try something new and different?  I’m not one to discriminate when it comes to chocolate, but Kate Weisner’s Chocolate is one of my faves!  It has to be the coolest chocolate I have ever received.  It’s literally “sweet” art!

Check out all the options here and place your order.

4. Wine

FF valentine wine

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without the Vino.

These are two of my favorites that I want to share.  You can pick these up at any discriminating spirit store or specialty grocery store.

Cakebread  / Prisoner

5. Dinner

ff valentine dinnerff valentine dinner 2

A sweet friend of mine that markets Frankie V’s Kitchen shared their latest newsletter, and I am thrilled she did!

We  can all stop panicking on what to cook.  Frankie V’s did all the work for us and has provided 3 amazing menus.  All we have to do is stock our kitchens with the ingredients, follow the recipes, & look like rock stars in the kitchen.

Seafood Lover’s Four Course Dinner

Meat Lover’s Dinner

Vegetarian-Vegan Lover’s Dinner

You can find Frankie V’s products and all the other ingredients for your meal at Central Market & Albertsons, or go directly to Frankie V’s Kitchen for more information.

ff valentine 3

There you go!  The 5 necessities to ensure Amor & mucho, mucho besos!




Here are some perfect songs while you enjoy your Valentine under your roof.

         KEM – I can’t stop Loving you   /   CHRIS BOTTI – A Thousand Deep Kisses                     VAN MORRISON – Have I told you lately that I love you                                               SADE – No ordinary Love   /   MAXWELL – Pretty Wings                                                       JILL SCOTT – He Loves Me   /    MIGUEL – Adorn                                                    MICHAEL BUBLE’ – Feeling Good   /   KEM – Share My LIfe                                     SADE – The Sweetest Taboo


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