Tuesday Trends: Tablescape Talk

Is your coffee table naked? Is it just outdated with month old magazine subscriptions and coasters that need to be retired?  Or,  maybe you just want to stay on-trend.  Well, good news, I have the 5 must-haves to revive your coffee table in no time at all.

1. Tray / 2. Books / 3. Flowers / 4. Candles / 5. Interesting Decor Piece

No matter what your style is, these 5 essentials will help you accomplish the most envious tablescape.   The key is the ensure you have varying heights and working from the center-most area of your coffee table out.

Here are a couple of examples I have put together for you.

Glam Tablescape TT

Check out this GLAM tablescape!  A beautiful gold-leafed coffee table accented with elegant pink roses on a tray for layering, candle pillars for height, dramatic black books topped with a dainty canister, & a fragrant diptyque candle.  This just says “I’m Fancy”!

hamptons tabelscape TT

Yes, I will meet you at the Hamptons!  Or, if I can’t make it there, at least my coffee table will evoke thoughts reminiscent of the Hamptons.  This grey washed table is the perfect color!  The tight baskets weave tray holding lively hydrangeas add color and height, while the silver candle hurricane adds elegance.  And, when you are in the Hamptons, books are a must, right? (I mean that’s how I picture myself there…oh, and a drink. 😉 )  Emmm, how cute are the baskets under the coffee table for extra storage?

fun functional Tablescape TT

Who says functional can’t be fun?  Look at this industrial trunk coffee table!  First of all it is stylish and on-trend, but think of how functional it is for storage and how much fun you could have decorating with it.  And, by using the 5 must-haves you get a hip and fun tablescape.  The orange orchid flowers draw your attention to your table, while the opaque tray layers without taking away from the rest.   An interesting piece to spark conversation, such as this Fornasetti candle/jar, will create some “fun” talk while functioning as additional storage for smaller things.  Lets keep the  fun going with this silver “antler-abra”.  It ushers in an amusing unexpected masculine, glam, and the center-placed books bring it all together with a diptyque candle atop.

Quirky Cool TableScape TT

Who is quirky & cool?? I think we all wish we could pull this look off.  I love how this mirrored table, that would usually be placed in a more sophisticated room, seems less intimidating against this playful Union Jack rug.  The more unexpected decor, the more curiosity in your design.  From the elephant standing proud on the stack of books,  to the flamingo bird candle holder, and the centered pineapple canister, you get your dose of “quirky”.  By adding the hydrangeas and the tray you even-out the tablescape with a “cool” vibe.  And, lastly, but most importantly, the scented candle sets the ambiance for your “Quirky & Cool” tablescape.

I hope these 5 must-haves help your tablescape skills.

Happy Style’n,



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