Tuesday Trends : Growing Love for Acrylic / Lucite Furniture

Tuesday Trends : Growing Love for Acrylic / Lucite Furniture
I’m not one to usually like “trendy” things.  I tend to stay loyal to classic pieces, however, the craze over acrylic furniture is so infectious.  I love how any decor can incorporate any complimentary piece.
TT Acrylic Nightstand TT Ghost Chair
I love how these two pieces ( shown above) can add glam to a room in a subtle way.   Most guest bedrooms are small and the furniture you do use should not make the room feel small or cramped.  The nightstand is functional, but keeps the space open and airy.  I don’t know about you, but I am on board with this ghost chair trend.  If it wasn’t for my “everything in moderation” rule, I would probably use it in every room ;).  It would make a teen girl’s bedroom very “cool”, an office chic and glam, & dinning room hip and open.
TT Lucite Tray TT Tray Lonny Magazine
LUCITE TRAYS!!! Emmmmm…YES!  All day, Everyday!
The buffet above is clean and uncluttered even though it is filled with fresh greens and plentiful spirits,  thanks to that beautiful lucite tray that holds  & organizes all that good drink.  The cool exposed brick wall can still make a statements with this clean look.  Look how the tray can keep knickknacks contained, and even though it is see-thru it adds depth through layering and brings glam to a table.  If you are reluctant if this accessory would work with your decor, start with something small & see what you think.  I would love to see how you used this element in your home.
TT Lucite Desk  Masculine RoomTT Lucite DEsk
ALERT: Uber Chic-nesssssss
I have tossed around the idea of turning our personal home office into a his & hers office, & this room featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles could seal the deal.  Look how the cognac leather chairs stand proud against the bold dark wall, but the delicate lucite desk invites a side of feminism into the room.  It is a happy marriage between glam and distinguished masculinity.  Sometimes a desk can make be over whelming,  however, a lucite desk would be more inconspicuous.
TT Lucite TP holder TT Curtain rod
Lucite hardware?????
Yes, it’s true.  And, I want it!
I have always felt that dark curtain rods, even if they are hung higher, stop your eye from seeing the length of the wall.  These Lucite curtain rods are the answer!
No words to express my thoughts……
Wow, a lucite wine room….confirmation that angels do exist ;)!
This is probably not practical in our everyday homes, but hey we can all dream!
I will be on the hunt to incorporate more lucite accessories and furniture in my home and will let you know what I find.

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