Music Monday

Happy Music Monday!

Well 2015 is in full swing and the one thing we all need in our homes & lives is good MUSIC! Music sets the mood for any occasion.  Just keep in mind that it has the to be the “right” music for the occasion.  This has to be a rule in an ettiqute book somewhere, if not, I’m adding it.

I hope these three songs inspire you, relax you, & motivate you.

The first song “FourFiveSeconds” is a new, unexpected, release from our risqué pop princess, Rihanna, featuring Paul McCartney &  Kayne West.  According to People magazine this is an “acoustic, down-home tune with modern day lyrics.”  (You can get the full scoop & download info here. )  I like it.  I love that, despite the lyrics, Rihanna actually sounds innocent.  It has an easy sound that can be relaxing on a quiet road trip.  What do you think?

“Jealous”, recently released from the youngest Jonas Brother, Nick, is already a radio favorite.  Mr. Nick Jonas is all grown up and definitely making a name for himself.  The album, Nick Jonas, has other great tracks you should definitely listen to.  Idolator has a great review on Nick and his album, or for all you die-hard fans check out his website and get your copy.  This track is a great play for working out, cleaning house, or chill background music. Play it and let me know if you didn’t start feeling it and sing it.

Since so many others are gifting “Motivational Monday” inspiration, I figured I should, too.  I know you have heard this last song by now, but it is sure to motivate you on this Monday.  Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars is a retro sound that will have you wanting to get up and channel your inner Rick James.  If I hear it, I can’t help myself-I start dancing no matter what time it is.  So, whereever you are this Monday morning, turn it up and sing with me…..”Girls, hit your, “Hallelujah”‘, “Girls, hit your, “Hallelujah”‘,”Girls, hit your, “Hallelujah”‘.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these tunes!





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