Friday Favorite Finds : Freshen Up

Friday Favorite Finds : Freshen Up
Who doesn’t love a clean, fresh scent in their home??
This has to be one thing I look forward to every week.  I am pretty much religious about having a day I dedicate to cleaning & “freshening” up the home.  Since our schedules are so busy during the week, I would rather clean Thursday or Friday.
I wake up cleaning day, turn on my motivational music (JLo, Beyonce, Miranda Lambert, or if I’m feeling my latin side I pop in Selena. Yes, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom).   I start up stairs & work my way down.  I find this is actually great “me” time.  My favorite thing after having the home all cleaned is lighting candles,  putting out fresh flowers, & pouring myself a “special” drink.
Above, I picked some of my go-to’s:  favorite cleaners & scents.
1. Caldrea is one of my favorite brands!  Their linen & room spray in Black Coriander Lime fragrance does wonders for teen boy’s rooms.   It has a clean, fresh scent that isn’t too feminine for these boys who think they are men.
(I am all about teaching these young men that the “scent” you, or your room for that matter, give off says a lot about you ;)!)
All their products are wonderful! You just have to find the scent that’s for you!
2. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day has great “all earth friendly” cleaning products.  I love a fresh, clean scent when I clean.  I have tried so many all-purpose cleaners, and have found that most of them all have the same scent.
3.  Jo Malone Home Fragrance is no stranger in my home.  It is probably the one thing I splurge on.  I am forever committed to “Jo Malone”.
Their room spray (yes, stupid expensive – don’t judge) is AMAZING!
I swear I spray it once, and the scent lingers for days.
4. Hydrangeas are obviously not cleaning products, but are essential for “freshening up” your place on cleaning day.  Yes, any fresh flower can work, but I am in love with hydrangeas.  They are the stamp to complete your work.
There are great artificial options, but can be really pricey.
5.  Voluspa Candles….Need I say anything more?
If your home is clean & fresh flowers are out, you need to light some candles.  The ambiance will remind you to relax and treat yourself to a special drink for a job well done!
Voluspa Candles are sold at many retailers now.  The problem is deciding on which scent to burn that day. I love so many!
I hope this has encouraged you to kick everyone out of the house, turn up your music, and freshen up your home!
Let me know how and what you use to “freshen up” your home, and if you use any of these products!
Still Style’n Homes,

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