Tuesday Trends : Hang’n Outside

Hey Friends,

Excited to be back sharing home inspiration!  Ritz-August had a maintenance check-up ;).

It’s Springtime and that means OUTDOOR Living.  Yes!

I love the fact that this beautiful weather allows me to enjoy another area of my home and of course decorate it.  I have been non-stop looking at outdoor living spaces for inspiration, and I have to say CURTAINS add that final touch.  I am going to say Curtains are on trend.

Lets keep in mind that this is outside and pieces we invest in shouldn’t be a huge expense.  Look at this 2 panel curtain set from IKEA.  It comes in two different lengths (98″ & 118″), and it is only $35 for the pair.

ikea outdoor curtains

Hardware: Should be inexpensive, too.  The kind of hardware you need will be dependent on your area where you are hanging your curtains.  You can find great deals at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, etc.

Now that you know CURTAINS are on TREND, get out there and start hang’n!  You don’t want to be “Hang’n Outside Not on Trend”…right?

Style’n in Spring,


Here are some more inspiration pics for you.


Brooke Wagner Design

curtain 5

via Decor Pad

outdoor curtain 2

Joan Behnke


via At Home In Arkansas


Music Monday : New Tune for a New Season

I am loving this new song as I start in on a new week.  There are so many “To-Do’s”around the house right now that good music is a must to motivate me to get it done.

One of my favorite things to do is to be outside with good tunes playing in the background, whether that be dining out on my patio, working in the yard, or just sitting on my porch enjoying the weather.  Now that Spring is here I am excited to get outside, enjoy the great weather, sip on a cocktail and explore new music like “Don’t Wanna Fight”.

Alabama Shakes is what I like to call a rock band with soul;  talented artists playing rock tunes with a funky soul twist.  Brittany Howard the lead vocalist & the band’s only girl  (& coolest chic), has a slightly raspy, sometimes gritty, always soulful, southern rock voice that is sure to carry you back to the 60’s and 70’s.  “Hold On” was the first single I heard a couple of years back, and ever since then I’ve been hooked.  Their second album is about  to drop.  If the two singles that have already been released are any indication of whats to come, it will not disappoint.


Here is to wishing you beautiful spring weather, great tunes, and knocking out your to-do list!

Let me know your thoughts on Alabama Shakes and their new songs….and maybe I will see you at one of their next shows.

Music Always Motivating Me,




Tuesday Trends : Gold Digger

Hey Friends!

It’s Tuesday and I’m dig’n the “gold” trend in home accessories.

I would have never thought I’d be a “gold-digger” ;).

tt gold digger

But, I am!

I am a total GOLD “Home Accessory” Digger.

 It can bring glam and chic’ness or class and sophistication to any room.

I remember when gold was not an option in my decor.  I always considered it to be a bit gaudy and over-the-top, but now I have realized it is all about moderation when using accessories that are gold.

You could use gold hardware in your kitchen, standout gold silverware on your dinner table, or even eye-catching gold light pendants.

Here are some pics for inspiration.

tt Gold kitchen hardwarett Dan scotti design

Kapito Muller Interiors / Dan Scotti Design

tt Gold lr courtney giles interiorstt gold bathroom bijou and boheme

Courtney Giles Interiors / Bijou and Boheme

tt gold dinnerware

Shannon Wollack

These pics have me redecorating already!

If you are ready to add some gold in your home, here are a few gold pieces that  I have found.

West Elm has these great gold silverware pieces.

 tt gold silverware west elm

I am loving this gold glassware from ZGallerie.

tt gold glasses zgallerie

Look at this gold cake stand from H&M for only $14.95.

tt gold cakestand hm

And, they (H&M) have gold knobs for only $6.95 / 2 pack.

tt gold knobs hm

I would love to hear how you are using “gold” in your decor.

Enjoy your gold dig’n ;)!


Music Monday: Throwback Jams While You Organize

Music Monday!

If you are like me, you took these past ice days as a sign from the good LORD that you should rock your pj’s all day, relax, catch up on all reality TV, divulge in as much unhealthy food as possible, and completely not think there is a better thing you should be doing.  But, if you aren’t like me and actually took advantage of being cooped up inside by cleaning, organizing, catching up on emails……well, I commend you and am planning on that for our next ice storm ;).  Ok, you know I am kidding.  If I did that, what would I panic about? Because now that I didn’t do a thing during “my” weather days, I am a little behind …. Story or my life.  However, I like to say that “I work well under pressure.”

Anyhow, I have to admit as much time as I did relax I was a bit restless and bored.  I found myself digging through old files, looking at old pics, moving things around, and noticing all the things I really needed to get done around the house.  First, organize re-organize the pantry.  Literally take out everything and start over.  Second, my laundry room, aka dog quarters central, is need of some TLC.  I am a bit neurotic about things being in their place, and unfortunately, that is the room I tend to just shut the door and forget.  I know the shame :(.  Fourth, the bar/serving area in our home needs organization and an update.  And, finally ALL the closets in the house.  There are so many things to get rid of by trashing or donating.  Clutter is NOT your friend.

While we are getting our homes “Spring” ready lets challenge ourselves to set time aside and do some SPRING CLEANING & ORGANIZATION! And to motivate you, here are some tunes (from some of my favorite girls) for you  – reminisce while your work!

Nelly Furtado


Gwen Stefani

J Lo


I would love to hear any tips you have about your personal organization, and  please share any pics you have.

Here are some motivational pics for you, too:

mm organization serving bar McGill Design Group

McGill Design

mm organization serving area Ashley Whittaker Design

Ashley Whittaker Design

mm pantry Neat Method

Neat Method

mm pantry transform home

Transform Home

mm laundry organization Nance Construction

Nance Construction

mm laundry orgainzation BHG


mm laundry orgainzation Heather Garrett Design

Heather Garrett Design

mm closet organization women Organized Living

Organized Living

mm closet organization man Bakes and Company

Bakes and Company

Hope you Enjoyed!

Now get organizing!! :),


Friday Favorite Finds : Spring Fever Dreaming

Spring Fever Dreaming : Living Room
It is FRIDAY!  Bring on the weekend baby!
Too bad this CRAY-ZAY Texas weather is going to keep a lot of us indoors.
 Good thing is we can cure our cabin fever by dreaming of spring with a fun cocktail in hand, rethinking our decor for the new season, and online shopping.  Hmmm….Maybe this isn’t so bad. 😉
During this unacceptable “winter apocalypse” (we’re so dramatic in Texas), I was inspired to create a design board with furniture pieces I already have in my living room.  I needed a visual to show what spring colors would work well in my area.  Dark colors usually are the front-runners in my designs, and I am not a girly-girl – so much so that it’s not very easy for me to add shades of pinks or pastels in any of my rooms. HOWEVER, this is 2015 and we should all be stepping out of our comfort zones, right?  I am feeling good that these blooming seasonal colors I chose for throw pillows are enough to bring in the brightness, yet still work will with the black that anchors the room.  I am in love with the chartreuse zebra throws!  Chartreuse is such a cool color for spring, and the fun pattern plays well with my other animal print pillow, “the famous leopard”.  I prefer the look of a generously feather-filled pillow, rather than a stiff cotton pillow because they are very forgiving after being used.  And, of course, the room would not  be complete without fresh, spring flowers, conspicuously arranged throughout.
People, I just solved all your problemos for this next season (you’re welcome!-hehe)……just by adding new vibrant pillows and updating floral arrangements your casa will be ready for spring (and cocktails).
1. Pillows  (3-4)
2. Floral arrangements
are a MUST and you could be done after that, but lets keep going.
Let’s add 3 more things:
3. Fresh Floral Candle Scents 
4. Throws
5. Picture Frames
In the spring,  the aroma in your home CAN NOT be reminiscent of any spice, cinnamon stick, or Christmas tree scent, etc! Not acceptable!  You have to swap out those outdated, seasonal candles for new refreshing floral scents that reflect the current season.  And, speaking of swapping out things, your throws should be rotated.  That red or dark brown throw blanket you’ve been curling up with and watching Netflix is ready for a good washing and storage; bring in a bright, fresh throw that will keep you warm on cool evenings.  Picture frames are such an easy decor piece to arrange.  By rearranging your frames to compliment your new cheerful space you change-up your decor that much more.  This is also a great opportunity to update your frames and switch out photos with more recent ones.
Ok, now you have the perfect must-haves to transition your home into a fresh spring fling.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Side Note:
I am not one who spend lots of money on seasonal or trendy items, so
I did some looking around for you and found some great deals that won’t kill your budget – leaving you plenty of funds for cocktails.
I mentioned that I prefer feather-filled pillows, but they can be costly.  A great alternative is IKEA’s duck feather pillows that are only $9.99.  (You can double up on the insert cushion to get that packed fill if you want.)
Also found at IKEA, these inexpensive pillow covers come in spring colors from $7-$10.  They are great to use if you have kids or messy adults ;).  If they get dirty,  they were not a huge investment and you can pop them in the wash.
ff sanela-cushion-cover-turquoise__0326903_PE518136_S4 ff sanela-cushion-cover-pink__0244047_PE383324_S4
ff sanela-cushion-cover-turquoise__0152105_PE310399_S4
Kirkland’s also has a great selection of throw pillows.  And look at this MUST-have pillow for only $14.39.  It isn’t feather-filled, but the pattern and color more than makes up for it.
ff 137281 (1)
This blue guy here is only $15.99.  It is small and busy enough that you would only need one to compliment your other fun spring colors in the room.
ff spicevaleriepillow
I love fresh flowers, but unfortunately they do die and must be replaced :(.  I tend to use hydrangeas the most, mainly because they are economical.  They are typically so full that you only need to use one per vase to get that “arrangement” look.  Many local grocery stores will sale them as a bundle, 3 for$10.
ff hydrangea
If you aren’t up to buying fresh flowers weekly, this little Peony from Target is the perfect size and price, only $6.99…..and it never dies!
ff target fauxflower
No matter what season, candles are always a MUST!  Voluspa’s Yuzu Rose Stonecrop candle has the perfect combination of lavender, rose, strawberry and yuzu to emit a pleasant floral scent. For being a luxury candle it has a great price of only $18.00.
ff vs16
This is just another way for you to bring in more spring colors.  World Market has these throws on SALE for only $13.48.  The material is light enough for use in the warmer temps and on-trend with colors and patterns so that they are easily worked into your spring decor.
*_481918_CHEVRON_THRW-BL_SURF-WHITE_ver1 ff throw
Why spend money when you don’t have to? Look around your home and switch out the frames from one room to another.  If you are wanting to update your frames, I ALWAYS find the best priced quality frames at TJMAXX or Marshalls.
There you have it ….The 5 MUST-HAVES under $100 to achieve your living room’s pre-spring transformation.
Dreaming of Spring,
Did I mention cocktails should come along with Spring decor? 😉
With all the money you are going to save, why not reward yourself?
Here is a recipe to inspire your spring decor brainstorming.
Try it out and let me know what you think!
“Mom’s Spring Fling”
ff spring fling
Fresh Lemonade
Ginger Ale
Lemons to Garnish 
I don’t measure…..It depends on the day.  The consistency of vodka to lemonade could change ;).
I fill one of my stemless wine glasses with ice, pour about a 1/4 of the glass with vodka, then add the lemonade leaving a enough room, about an inch, to top your drink off with ginger ale.  Finally, add your lemon garnish to make your drink pretty and enjoy!
Cheers to Spring being around the corner ;).

Tuesday Trends : Sit Down with a Settee

tt settee


It’s Trend Tuesday!

 I love it when furniture pieces that I have loved forever start making the trend list.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to use a settee at my breakfast table.  It is unexpected and changes up the normal table with chairs.  Consider this a smart, versatile, investment piece that will bring in warmth to a breakfast area, but when you are ready for a change can be moved to a foyer, hallway or bedroom.

Check out these breakfast rooms:

tt banquett settee

Michael J. Siller Interiors

tt banquett oliver burns

Oliver Burns

tt banquett tillman long interiors

Tillman Long Interiors

By adding a settee you create another comfortable living space.  There are many great options for all budgets.  These are few I found.

wayfair settee navy  

Skyline Furniture Nail Button Tufted Settee Loveseat

banquette white

Baxton Studio Swaffield Beige Linen Modern Banquette Bench

banquett wayfair gray


wholesale interiors braxton Studio owstynn banquet bench

I would love to help you incorporate a settee in your space.

Keep Style’N


Sense of Scents

Hey Love Birds,

Happy Saturday! & Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know you are preparing for a romantic evening with your love, but did you think about doing something while your loved one gets ready?

In addition to playing easy music & glass of wine, light sensual scented candles in the bathroom, bedroom and living room.  This way, as your honey gets ready, their senses will become intoxicated by the sensual scent.  Not only will this set the mood for the night, but your home will capture an amazing smell.

Two of my favorite evening scents that are so seductive (perfect for Valentine’s Day): Michael Kors & Tom Ford Black Orchid.  Michael Kors signature perfume is a soft, sensual scent that lures and attracts attention, while Tom Ford Black Orchid adds drama by giving off a spicy floral aroma.  When you use them together, it’s magic!  But wait – these aren’t candles :(.  Don’t worry I found the perfect candles to mimic these scents.

mk tf

Tom Ford Black Orchid / Michael Kors Signature Scent

Diptyque’s Tubereuse & Target’s Black Orchid & Amber Candle are the answer! (Yes, I said Target – oh yeah!) Burn these two candles together and let the magic happen ;).  You can purchase diptyque candles at most high-end department stores.  These scents combined will set the mood for your special Valentine’s evening.

tub black orchid

diptyque Tubereuse / Target Black Orchid & Amber

Wishing you and your love a very special day to remember how lucky we all are to have someone to love!




TT Rock the Red

Happy Tuesday!

We can always use color in our lives & with this being the week of love, I am inspired to share my love of red decor in the home.

Enjoy the “RED” inspiration I’m obsessed with below!

TT rr girls room andrew howard design

Andrew Howard Design

tt red game room

Artistic Designs for Living

tt red bathroom Carmina Roth Interior

Carmina Roth Interior

tt red bathtub

New England Home 

tt red chairs Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

tt red kitchen studio m interiors

Studio M Interiors

TT red lilly bunn interior

Lilly Bunn Interiors

TT red reading nook Dillon Kyle Architecture

Dillon Kyle Architecture

Have an amazing week filled with love and red decor!



Friday Favorite Finds: Amor y Besos Under your Roof

With Valentine’s Day next week we are all starting to think of our amores (loves).

We are starting to wonder whether or not we should make dinner reservations.  Should we just stay in and enjoy some R&R with our person? Or, maybe do a little bit both?  And, who is planning your evening?  You?  Your honey?

Here are the 5 essentials to show your Amor how much you love them and is sure to get you a couple of besos ;).

1. Sweet & Thoughtful Gift

FF valentine IBB Loves local

      IBB Design in Frisco, Tx ,  is hosting a an amazing event, “Loves Local”!         A  One-Stop-Shop for you to pick up something special for your loved one.  You won’t want to miss this!

                                 You can pick up 3 of the 5 essentials  there.                                Flowers. Sweets. Gifts.

And, these are not your typical, ordinary flowers, sweets or gifts.   They are the most on-trend flower arrangements, the most decadent sweets, and so many one-of-kind, unique gifts.

                      **10% of proceeds will be donated to Dwell with Dignity**                Shop & Give back!

Get all the information here.

2. Flowers

FF valentine flowers

Do you want to surprise your Valentine with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers?

Posh Floral in Dallas, Tx is the answer! This has to be the hippest, most chic, and…well, “posh” florist in the metroplex.  Your Valentine will be speechless over the beauty and uniqueness of their floral design.

Posh Floral will be  set up at IBB Design’s “Loves Local” event that I mentioned above.  Pre-order now and your bouquet will be ready for on-site pick up the day of the event.  If you can’t make the event, click here for more details.

3. Chocolates

FF valentine chocolate

Kate Weiser Chocolate!

Enough said.

This is a new year, so why wouldn’t we try something new and different?  I’m not one to discriminate when it comes to chocolate, but Kate Weisner’s Chocolate is one of my faves!  It has to be the coolest chocolate I have ever received.  It’s literally “sweet” art!

Check out all the options here and place your order.

4. Wine

FF valentine wine

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without the Vino.

These are two of my favorites that I want to share.  You can pick these up at any discriminating spirit store or specialty grocery store.

Cakebread  / Prisoner

5. Dinner

ff valentine dinnerff valentine dinner 2

A sweet friend of mine that markets Frankie V’s Kitchen shared their latest newsletter, and I am thrilled she did!

We  can all stop panicking on what to cook.  Frankie V’s did all the work for us and has provided 3 amazing menus.  All we have to do is stock our kitchens with the ingredients, follow the recipes, & look like rock stars in the kitchen.

Seafood Lover’s Four Course Dinner

Meat Lover’s Dinner

Vegetarian-Vegan Lover’s Dinner

You can find Frankie V’s products and all the other ingredients for your meal at Central Market & Albertsons, or go directly to Frankie V’s Kitchen for more information.

ff valentine 3

There you go!  The 5 necessities to ensure Amor & mucho, mucho besos!




Here are some perfect songs while you enjoy your Valentine under your roof.

         KEM – I can’t stop Loving you   /   CHRIS BOTTI – A Thousand Deep Kisses                     VAN MORRISON – Have I told you lately that I love you                                               SADE – No ordinary Love   /   MAXWELL – Pretty Wings                                                       JILL SCOTT – He Loves Me   /    MIGUEL – Adorn                                                    MICHAEL BUBLE’ – Feeling Good   /   KEM – Share My LIfe                                     SADE – The Sweetest Taboo

Tuesday Trends: Tablescape Talk

Is your coffee table naked? Is it just outdated with month old magazine subscriptions and coasters that need to be retired?  Or,  maybe you just want to stay on-trend.  Well, good news, I have the 5 must-haves to revive your coffee table in no time at all.

1. Tray / 2. Books / 3. Flowers / 4. Candles / 5. Interesting Decor Piece

No matter what your style is, these 5 essentials will help you accomplish the most envious tablescape.   The key is the ensure you have varying heights and working from the center-most area of your coffee table out.

Here are a couple of examples I have put together for you.

Glam Tablescape TT

Check out this GLAM tablescape!  A beautiful gold-leafed coffee table accented with elegant pink roses on a tray for layering, candle pillars for height, dramatic black books topped with a dainty canister, & a fragrant diptyque candle.  This just says “I’m Fancy”!

hamptons tabelscape TT

Yes, I will meet you at the Hamptons!  Or, if I can’t make it there, at least my coffee table will evoke thoughts reminiscent of the Hamptons.  This grey washed table is the perfect color!  The tight baskets weave tray holding lively hydrangeas add color and height, while the silver candle hurricane adds elegance.  And, when you are in the Hamptons, books are a must, right? (I mean that’s how I picture myself there…oh, and a drink. 😉 )  Emmm, how cute are the baskets under the coffee table for extra storage?

fun functional Tablescape TT

Who says functional can’t be fun?  Look at this industrial trunk coffee table!  First of all it is stylish and on-trend, but think of how functional it is for storage and how much fun you could have decorating with it.  And, by using the 5 must-haves you get a hip and fun tablescape.  The orange orchid flowers draw your attention to your table, while the opaque tray layers without taking away from the rest.   An interesting piece to spark conversation, such as this Fornasetti candle/jar, will create some “fun” talk while functioning as additional storage for smaller things.  Lets keep the  fun going with this silver “antler-abra”.  It ushers in an amusing unexpected masculine, glam, and the center-placed books bring it all together with a diptyque candle atop.

Quirky Cool TableScape TT

Who is quirky & cool?? I think we all wish we could pull this look off.  I love how this mirrored table, that would usually be placed in a more sophisticated room, seems less intimidating against this playful Union Jack rug.  The more unexpected decor, the more curiosity in your design.  From the elephant standing proud on the stack of books,  to the flamingo bird candle holder, and the centered pineapple canister, you get your dose of “quirky”.  By adding the hydrangeas and the tray you even-out the tablescape with a “cool” vibe.  And, lastly, but most importantly, the scented candle sets the ambiance for your “Quirky & Cool” tablescape.

I hope these 5 must-haves help your tablescape skills.

Happy Style’n,